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Project Description

This project performs several operations on your development environment that make it easier to develop SharePoint solutions. I created these modifications because I got tired of repeatedly making them to new development environments each time I started a project for a new customer.

Before installing these modifications, you should evaluate them to make sure that you want the changes. You can easily modify the installation routine to install only those modifications you want.

To install the modifications, run INSTALL.BAT. To uninstall, run UNINSTALL.BAT. The following lists the modifications:

Updated for both Visual Studio 2005 and 2008

You can find an article describing the process for creating solutions using SPDevMod on my blog at!8F5DEA8AEA9E6FBB!197.entry

1. STSADM Extensions

A set of extensions that add new functionality to STSADM. These new operations facilitate several tasks that are often repeated during development. There are also a few operations (such as writing to the trace log) that may be of interest in production environments. The new operations are detailed below:
  • addconfigmod - adds a change to the web.config file on every server
  • addwebpart - adds a web part to an existing site. Useful for modifying My Sites.
  • createmysite - creates a new My Site.
  • deleteconfigmod - deletes a modification to the web.config file of every server in the farm.
  • deletelist - deletes a list. Useful if your list definition is broken and you can no longer display it properly in SharePoint.
  • deletemysite - deletes a My Site
  • deletewebpart - deletes a web part from an existing site. Useful for removing web parts from My Sites
  • enumconfigmods - enumerates the modifications to the web.config files.
  • enumcontenttypes - lists content types, ids, and parents. Useful for finding those content type IDs.
  • enumfeatures - lists features
  • enumitems - lists items in a list
  • enumlists - lists in a site
  • enumpools - lists application pools on the server. Use this with the recyclepool operation to recycle application pools.
  • enumtimerjobs - lists timer jobs
  • querylist - saves the results of a CAML query to a file. Useful for testing CAML queries with the SPSiteDataQuery object.
  • recyclepool - recycles the specified application pool. Get the name from enumpools.
  • warmupcollection - loads the specified collection to pre-compile ASP.NET code. Useful for speeding up the page loads after your server is first booted.
  • writelogentry - writes an entry to the trace log. Useful for making entries in the trace log from batch files such as automated backups.

2. Visual Studio External Tools

A new set of External Tools are added to the Tools menu of Visual Studio. This is accomplished by making changes to the system registry. The changes will override any External Tools that you have already defined, so consider this carefully! In fact, it works best if you delete all your tools before running the install. The installation batch file will make a backup of your original registry settings named ExternalTools_Original.reg that can be used during the uninstall process. The tools installed are:
  • Create GUID - standard GUID creation applet
  • Make Solution from selected DDF - makes a WSP file from a selected DDF file
  • Add selected solution - adds the selected WSP file to Central Administration
  • Deploy selected solution - deploys the selected WSP file from Central Administration
  • Upgrade selected solution - upgrades the selected WSP file
  • Retract selected solution - retracts the selected WSP file
  • Execute timer jobs - Executes all pending timer jobs
  • Recycle App Pool - recycles the designated application pool (edit the pool name after installation!)
  • Reset IIS - resets IIS
  • Show Public Key Token - displays the PublicKeyToken of the selected project assembly
  • Open 12 Hive - opens the 12 folder in the File Explorer
  • Open virtual directories - opens the WSS\Virtual Directories folder in the File Explorer
  • Open GAC - opens the GAC in the File Explorer

3. Developer Features

The Debugger and LogViewer features are installed. Information on these features can be found at

4. WSS snippets

Adds snippets for the ContentType, CustomAction, Feature, Field, FieldRef, Module, and Receiver elements to Visual Studio. These are installed under "My XML Snippets". Just right click in any XML file and insert the desired snippet.

5. Desktop Shortcuts

Desktop shortcuts are created to the 12 Hive, WSS\Virtual Directories folder, and GAC. useful for quickly accessing key folders.

6. STSADM Prompt

A desktop command prompt is added to open a command window with a PATH variable set to STSADM.EXE. Useful for quickly running an STSADM command.

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